How Effective Is a Massage Gun for Recovery?

Massage guns are very popular now in Singapore and are a great way to reduce muscle strain and pain. They are cheaper than a massage chair and more effective than a hand massager in Singapore. That said, you don’t have to go to a professional to see results. Fascial massagers — also known as massage guns — provide short bursts of pressure into your muscle tissue as a result, they help reduce muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the targeted area

Many fitness fans and athletes use massage guns before and after working out, on rest days and whenever they feel muscle pain for some deep tissue massage. For others, the uses of the massage gun include a back massager and a stiff neck massager.

But how effective are massage guns, really?

Using available internet research and insights, we find that while there have been recent studies showing the effectiveness of percussive therapy and proving benefits such as reduced lactic acid buildup and soreness, it is only effective if the massage gun is used correctly.

Here are areas where massage guns can be used to its maximum effectiveness.

For Muscle Recovery

You can use a massage gun for several things, from posture-related pain to stress relief. Most people primarily use their massage gun for workout-related soreness and stiffness, particularly for delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It is important that to know when to use it for its maximum benefits.

If your want to reduce muscle soreness after exercise, it is best to use your massage gun immediately after your workout to help reduce lactic acid and toxin build-up in your muscles. You can then do a quick application again the next day to loosen your hardened muscles. It is recommended that you do it consistently to extract maximum benefit. For the best results and long-lasting relief, keep your massage gun in your gym bag or near your home workout equipment so you remember to use it during your cool-down.

Research show vibration that the massage guns use is likely just as effective as massage therapy at reducing muscle soreness, for example when used immediately after a workout, massage guns seem to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), the type of soreness that sets in 24 to 48 hours after exercise.

For Athletic Performance

For better athletic performance you can use the massage gun before a workout as a warm-up and after a workout as a warm-up. By increasing blow to targeted areas using a massage gun, you can prime your muscles for exercise with an increase in oxygen and nutrients.

For Circulation

Massagers are very effective to encourage blood circulation its mechanical, hammer-like action of a massage gun increases blood flow to targeted areas, effectively reducing swelling and eliminating circulation-related sensations like numbness and tingling.

If you notice poor circulation, such as in your lower legs from sitting at your desk too long, a massage gun may help work out some of that fluid buildup.

For Pain Management

Massage guns might be an effective treatment option for pain, stiffness and fatique. This by gently massaging tight adhesions in the fascia (a type of connective tissue) and breaking up muscle knots, which relieves pain and improves mobility.

For Inflammation

Fascial gun helps relieve inflammation by loosening up tight connective tissues that might be compressing your sciatic nerve. Decompressing the nerve should relieve pain and other sciatica symptoms

Massage Gun Safety

Massage guns are generally safe to use when used properly. You should make sure it’s not causing more damage to an existing injury and hence it is best to avoid treating areas with muscle tears or strains, as the impact from the massage gun could further aggravate the injury. At all times you should be aware of how your body feels and to stop using it if it is causing pain.